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magic jewelry box of beauties and rarities

The island of the lemurs

The famous Baobab Alley in West Madagascar

The 1600km long island in the Indian Ocean is home to an incredible number of endemic animals and plants, tropical rainforest, karstic steppes, picturesque rice terraces, mountains, lakes and snow-white beaches. And of course, the island is home to goggle-eyed lemurs, chameleons and mighty baobab trees.

The different types of landscapes, panoramas, and incredible natural heritage rightly give the island the title "Treasure Island". Madagascar is a destination for conscious explorers in search of the original, away from the masses, with an extremely cordial population that welcomes you with warmth and joy of life.

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our offer for you Madagascar

The south, east and the island of St. Marie
The south, east and the island of St. Marie
  • Madagascar Classics: a 16-day private trip with driver to the most beautiful places in the south and east of Madagascar
  • Swimming on the beautiful island of St. Marie with whale watching opportunities (seasonal)
  • varied and diverse nature reserves 
  • discover a fantastic flora and fauna, which is unique 
  • Accommodation in standard or comfort category possible (see accommodation options)
individual tours:
Private Trip

16 days
from / to Antananarivo
from: 2.090 € per person
The east, north and the island Nosy Be
The east, north and the island Nosy Be
  • 15-day private trip to the most beautiful spots in the north and east of Madagascar
  • Experience the various national parks and reserves off the beaten track
  • Bathing stay on the offshore island Nosy Be 
  • chameleons, wide-eyed lemurs and fantastic landscapes await you
individual tours:
Private Trip

15 days
from Antananarivo / to Nosy Be
from: 1.990 € per person
Photo journey: Lemurs of Madagascar
Photo journey: Lemurs of Madagascar
  • 18-tägige small group journey with travel company by a land connoisseur and photographer
  • Numerous, different explorations in several national parks and reserves on the classic southern route and in the east of the island with the beautiful island Sainte Marie
  • 2 boat trips and the train experience "Jungle Express" included
  • Night hike to see the rare Aye Aye lemurs
  • You will receive all photos taken by the professional photographer during the tour (USB stick)
group tours:
Comfort Group Travel

18 days
from / to Antananarivo
from: 2.545 € per person
single room supplement 480 €

Impressive in all directions

The south of Madagascar is the most popular and varied travel region of the island despite its aridity. Beautiful beaches, impressive landscapes with unique dry steppes, sparse thorn forests, typical succulent flora and nature parks worth seeing are the main features of this region.  Pure variety.
Discover rice terraces, winding roads of the highlands and the enormous Andringitra Mountains with its high rock faces, as well as the large Katta lemur colony in the Anja Reserve. Impressive are the monumental Isalo Mountains with its canyons and summit towers or the waterfalls and thermal baths as well as the variety of lemurs and bird species in Ranomafana National Park. The blue lagoon of Ifaty or Anakao invite you to take a bath and if you are lucky you can also watch whales.

A colorful natural spectacle awaits you in the green east of the island. Rainforests, exotic animal species and enchanting nature await you in the various national parks of the region. Like the evergreen rainforest of the famous Andasibe Reserve, home of the Indri, the largest lemur species with its distinctive cry, or Masoala, Marojejy, the Mananara Biosphere Reserve, where the peculiar Aye Aye lemur lives. There are also numerous bird species, frogs, chameleons and many rare endemic plants to explore.
But also the channel of Pangalanes is another highlight of a tour through the east. Get to know the daily life of the Madagascan people when you take a boat trip in a typical pirogue past fragrant fields of cloves, coffee and vanilla.
There is another treasure off Madagascar's east coast: the tropical island of Sainte Marie, where you can end your journey in peace on the white beach.

The least developed region of the island is incredibly impressive. One of Madagascar's most famous landmarks awaits you here: the famous Baobab Alley near Morondava. A place like out of a picture book. Also impressive are the world-famous "Tsingys", a unique rock phenomenon as limestone karst in the Bemaraha Nature Park, which not only resembles a bizarre lunar landscape, but is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the dry forest of Kirindy you can admire lemurs and lizards up close.
A very special experience is the three-day boat trip on the river Tsiribihina, passing original landscape with water turtles, lemurs and birds and everyday life.

The tropical north is characterized by its very own flora and fauna. It is considered the spice chamber of Madagascar, characterized by cultural landscapes for rice, vanilla, sugar cane, cocoa, pepper and other spices.
But also numerous national parks and reserves with very different climatic conditions and formations offer many hiking and exploring possibilities.
Among the most important sights are the three scenic bays near the largest city, Diego Suarez, the many species of lemurs and impressive waterfalls of the mountain cloud forest Montagne d'Ambre, the red Tsingys, the national park Ankarana with its self-contained cave systems, dry and rain forest areas, as well as the small coastal village Ankify on the northwest coast. A trip through the north can be combined with a side trip to one of the numerous tropical islands, which are located off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Mozambique Channel. A dreamlike island world with the most famous island Nosy Be. 

Explore the island on a private trip in an all-terrain vehicle with an English-speaking driver. The trip will be customized according to your wishes from 1 person upwards. In the National Reserves an english speaking local guide is mandatory. Alterantiv we also have a photo group trip in the program, which is led by a country expert and photographer. 

Madagascar can be combined well with South Africa, La Reunion or Mauritius. 

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