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Tanzania - a country where not only safari enthusiasts get their money's wort...

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Safariland in East Africa was one of the first tourist destinations in Africa...

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South Africa

South Africa - one world in one country - the advertising slogan hits the spo...

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Namibia fascinates and never lets you go. Be it because of its grandiose and ...

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Visit the mountain gorillas or chimpanzees in the remote Bwindi Impenetrable ...

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Botswana, with its untouched wilderness and its species-rich animal world and...

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Zimbabwe is known for its impressive landscape and diverse fauna in parks, re...

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Indian Ocean

La Réunion

La Réunion, a French overseas department and an incomparable island between M...

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The 1600km long island in the Indian Ocean is home to an incredible number of...

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The Seychelles are a dreamlike paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Th...

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When you think of Mauritius, you usually think of beautiful beaches. But this...

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Bali / Indonesia

Bali - the island of mysticism!  White sandy beach...

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Nepal is a fascinating country, both extraordinary and beautiful. It is small...

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New Zealand

Characterized by glaciers and volcanoes, New Zealand offers a unique and brea...

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Cuba is the largest island state in the Caribbean and part of the Greater Ant...

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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a symbol of exotic vacation dreams: endless palm tr...

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South America


Today most people spontaneously think of Ecuador as the Galapagos Isl...

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Panama is a fascinating, diverse country th...

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The "Kingdom of the Sun" is a land of ancient cultures where...

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To experience a vacation off the beaten track, to feel the s...

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